We Are The Result of The Compilation of Thought Patterns, Codes, and Emotional Narratives

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There is a TV series called "Westworld" and its season 4 ended several weeks ago, but it is still lingering in my mind. It is a Sci-fi drama where human-made AI robots addressed as "hosts" that are the perfect reflection of human beings begin to evolve and become conscious to the degree they desire to take over the human world. This thrilling and chilling plot reminds me that we, humans, need to catch up with technological advancement.


The hosts rebuke the violent ugly side of humans and describe us as "Humans are just algorithms" or "They (humans) are not like us. Their codes are written in their cells. They will never change." Oh, no! Is it that obvious!? Yes, it is, but the majority of us are not aware of that because we are all trapped in mind-made illusions called conditioning or programming.


The next question is who programmed us?  Who did it to us? There is the same line in “Westward”, the protagonist in the show asks her friend who is also a creation of her mind-made projection.  She asks her friend, “who did it to me?” and her friend answers her, “You did.” 


Yes, we did it to ourselves.  Our consciousness is the programmer and a part of our consciousness is the player of this game show called, “my reality, my life, or my world”



What can we do to pull ourselves from nightmarish narratives and transform ourselves into an upgraded reality?


Compare our life from thirty years ago. Technology has been advancing at unprecedented speed, and we can easily predict that it will be faster as time progresses. We can search for any information by typing into the computer or commanding our smartphone. A new iPhone shows up every year. The Operational System (OS) for computers and smartphones have upgrades every six months. Is that supposed to make our everyday life more convenient and more comfortable?


Ironically, that has not fulfilled our emotional needs. It has the opposite effect. We have experienced enormous mental pressure, fogginess, and anxiety. Many of us are on the verge of emotional breakdowns. We live in such an emotional quandary that we sometimes need to medicate ourselves to get through the day. What is happening to us?  



The brain has run our show by default, yet the brain has not updated as technology advances


We do not know how the brain operates and how to use it in a more practical manner. There is so much information bombarding us every minute. Still, because the brain's capacity is not up to date to process that information, that makes us feel like we are sinking with a boat that forced us to sail into this new information era. 


We live in an information era where so many new ideas, concepts, and information come at us every day and every minute, but our brains operate our everyday lives in the same way, as far as we can remember.  


Never before has a brain upgrade been seriously needed to this degree. With our upgraded brain, we can develop the ability to think, choose, and act accordingly to produce our desired results, which is the ticket to true freedom. True freedom to navigate our life to build our desired future in whatever way we desire to. Also, by becoming autonomous thinkers and proactive doers, we can become conscious players in our reality. 



Take back control to navigate our lives by becoming autonomous thinkers and proactive doers


Whether the future of humanity will be bright or going to ruin by AI robots, cyber terrorism, climate change, or alien invasion (maybe) depends on how many people will learn the mechanism of mind to sort out their congested thought patterns and incoherent emotional narratives to operate the brain in a more practical manner so that they can autonomously keep updating the brain and maintain its capacity to process information as the world shifts and advances. Otherwise, we will continue to live in an extension of the past as if we were tracing history, with the same primitive use of the brain as in early childhood.


I have counseled and facilitated breathwork sessions for several thousand people whose brains were emotionally hijacked by their own unconscious thought patterns and emotional narratives. Many people who came to join breathwork workshops or one-on-one counseling sessions were stuck in their nightmarish merry-go-round, and some of them were physically getting sick from it. I have also witnessed that people were like bystanders in their own lives and have lost their abilities to think for themselves and make their own choices because they had been trapped in their mind-made narratives for almost their entire lives.  


That is why those lines from "Westworld" linger inside me, "Humans are just algorithms" or "Their (humans') codes are written in their cells. They will never change." 



There is a hope to evolve our brain by rewriting codes and narratives within


But there is a movement underway for waking up from our conditioning to move forward towards wholeness by deepening our understanding of who we are. Let us prove that we are not just algorithms; we can rewrite codes within our deep conscious level to reveal what we are made of and what we are to become.


We plan to offer our first online "Train Your Brain" workshop to expand our perspective and elevate our vantage point by rewiring the brain. A large part of this course material was based on the Theory of an Advanced World (TAW) and Fractal Psychology which were invented and developed in Japan that can support us to develop more neural pathways so that we will be able to see the world from different angles to see more opportunities and possibilities to choose from which is true freedom.


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I will announce more information later this month. If you are interested in the "Train Your Brain" online course, please sign up on my mailing list so that you will be informed of new events, classes, and new blog posts by clicking HERE


Make your brain an autonomous thinker and learn to use it in practical ways, free yourself from your conditioning and rewrite your old story. Start consciously producing your desired results and improving your life by using Saemi's unique approach to improve your brain and dissolve your unconscious blocks and programming through customized guided meditations and counseling work. 

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