Alleviate fear and anxiety by rewiring your brain

Theory of an Advanced World (TAW) is a mother theory of TAW Fractal Phenomenology and Fractal Psychology are built on.  TAW reveals the structure of the world and how this seemingly tangible reality is manifested.  The main principle of TAW is “Thoughts Create Reality, 100% No Exceptions.”  Whatever problem you are experiencing, there is a cause inside of your Deep Consciousness.   I use guided meditation to guide my client to investigate the particular memory in the Child Mind which is a part of the brain developed while 0~6 years old and holds many unconscious blocks that have prevented my client from moving forward with her/his life.  Those unconscious limitations and restrictions are usually being projected onto his/her life as unhealthy destructive events or people in their life.  By guiding my client to an expanded level of awareness, he/she can gain a completely different understanding and interpretation of the memory so that he/she can release himself/herself from the old stories, narratives, and distorted self-images to allow well-deserved healing to emerge.


  • Recognize your old beliefs and misunderstandings stored in your Child Mind which have driven you to repeatedly play certain roles in similar scenarios in the past.

  • Remove yourself from self-imposed limitations and restrictions/unconscious blocks.

  • Rediscover your past memories which will support you in creating the desired future.

  • Reset the perspective through which you see your world in a self-empowering way.

  • Create new neural pathways between Adult Mind and Child Mind so that you can start steering your focus and energy to create the results you want to produce.


I use the principles of Theory of an Advanced World (TAW)/Fractal Phenomenology and Fractal Psychology which were invented and scientifically developed by Mau Isshiki in Japan.