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Saemi's fractal psychology sessions have been completely life changing for me. In just one session I was able to clear all the mother "issues" and "stories"  that I had carried with me for a lifetime. This is a powerful work and Saemi is a master in what she does. Since I started 3 months ago in just a short time I am living a much better life and have taken charge of the life stories that I create. Many of my friends have been taking sessions with Saemi and have had the same experience. If you are willing and determined to change your life this is the right psychology work for you. The results have been mind blowing for myself and everyone I know who has had sessions with Saemi. I am very grateful for all the hard work, knowledge and expertise that she puts into her sessions. I strongly feel that no description of Saemi's technique would do justice to her work. Until one has had a session with her it is hard to imagine how powerful this work is. 
Farrah, Los Angeles, CA

Over the years, being a writer, I’ve made a serious study of my lazy and distracted thinking. Sometimes it feels like freedom but mostly it’s a hindrance. I’m a master of resistance and I know it. Resistance can be justifiable or maybe even helpful momentarily but there comes a time in your life when you want to find out why you invent obstacles to progress. The Fractal Psychology session I had with Saemi taught me why I do what I do and also how to mediate it and create a balance. It blew my mind and left me reeling!

Allan Moyle, Venice

My session with Saemi was cathartic. Even though I was already aware of some of the sources of my struggles, Saemi's techniques brought me back to relive some of my childhood traumas emotionally. That enabled me to process my pain as a high functioning adult rather than as a child. The effects of my session have been ongoing. I have been able to release emotions of anger I knew I had but didn't know how to let them out. My experience was truly transformative and the session with Saemi opened a door to healing I longed for but didn't know how to open myself. I feel like I can start living a life I fully own, without being weighted down by feelings that don't belong to me anymore. I will always be grateful for that.

Monika, Los Angeles, CA

"I've suffered from depression and self-loathing all my life.  After years of psychotherapy, SSRI’s, self-help books and support groups, I was beginning to believe I'd be depressed for the rest of my life. But during my first session, I was brought into a new understanding of who I am and what is really going on inside me.  The little girl, about 3, inside me was the fractal through which I viewed my reality as an adult.  I now have a hope I didn't have before that I can learn to love the little girl inside and all of me. I am beginning to see clearly that the debilitating depression, self-sabotage and hopelessness I experience actually can be transformed.  I'm still very much in the process but  I'm starting to believe that it really is possible to be the amazing woman I am.  I'm so grateful for this process and for Saemi and her gentle healing way of guiding me into wholeness and life.

Rachel Boyer, MA, MFTI

After feeling unsatisfied both professionally and personally for a while, I got to a point where I started having health issues.  After my first session, my health, as well as my marriage, feel re-energized. And after my 4th session, I got this renewed energy and getting progressively better at everything I do and the excitement of continue exploring my potential. Even a friend of mine told me that I was like shining from the inside and looking really well. And then, I stopped experiencing any physical symptoms that I've had before! I couldn't believe it. I have diligently worked with those healing meditations that Saemi had created for me and then my symptoms just disappeared. The doctors eventually couldn't explain it either. Now I'm a true believer in the work that Saemi has been offering and in the power of self-healing.

Maryna, Washington, D.C.


Saemi showed uncanny skill in guiding me into the process -- with patience, perseverance, and confidence.  I've been buzzing around this world of ‘therapy for the therapy minded’ all my life but this is something different. I will not tell you it was easy.  But I so appreciated how Saemi refused to let my monkey mind obfuscate my truth. In three little words, “It’s the result.”  I couldn't help but wonder about Saemi's methods or training or the idea that someone so lovely could have such wisdom but - never fear – wait for the result, and see for yourself. 

Aleckos J., Topanga Canyon

I had a very powerful session with Saemi.  She guided me with grace and skill into a very profound experience of connecting with my "future fully-empowered Self."  I could almost feel new neuronal pathways opening in me as my whole being opened into a direct experience of who I Am, truly, beyond my day to day ego-self.  I have no doubt that I'll look back at this one single session as a milestone in my inner journey.

Glenn G., Seattle, WA