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What is the meaning of life?


Until several years ago, I did not understand the meaning of life or what I was doing with my life. At the time, my normal emotional state was uneasiness not knowing when my anxiety or fear would get triggered by outside sources.  I used to be more concerned about how I was perceived by others.  At the time, the outside world seemed more real than my internal world since I had no idea what was happening inside of me, where I was trapped in my mind-made scenarios such as “Life is hard,” and “Only people who have a special something can become happy and successful, and I may not be one of them,” and “I have to fight hard and suffer to become deserving of something great.”



How can I be content with my life?


I thought I was trying to become confident by gaining knowledge in my chosen field and getting certified as a practitioner. However, the notion of becoming self-assured was fading away, and I was becoming more and more uncertain about the purpose of living and how I could fulfill myself and be content with my life.



TAW reveals the structure of this world and the mechanism of this magnificent world


Then, I encountered a groundbreaking study, the Theory of an Advanced World (TAW), which can upgrade the brain's capacity to understand consciousness and its magnificent creation that we call “reality”.  TAW reveals the structure of this world and the mechanism of this magnificent world, including who creates it, how it emerges, and how it alters its appearance. TAW is a theory, so we need to have systematically structured neural pathways in the brain to process that information not only to make sense of it but also to recognize its value.


Miss Mau Isshiki, the founder of TAW, saw that most people in the world are hard-wired to be operated by the emotional part of the brain by default and do not have enough capacity to realize the significant value of this information. TAW can transform our lives by, at first, shedding our victim mentality and becoming the creator of our own lives. She understood the necessity to upgrade the brain by stimulating and developing new neural pathways in the brain for rewiring. Therefore, she created Fractal Psychology for people who want to become self-reliable and navigators of their own lives so they can live up to their potential.



We can become conscious operators of our brains by upgrading our neural wirings in the brain


When we start to consciously work on updating our neural pathways one at a time in the brain, our perspective will start to shift, and that can elevate our awareness. As a result, we will start to see different aspects of the world we did not see before, we will begin to understand the true meaning of life that we could not understand before, and we will start to relate to others in more profound and intimate ways that we had never thought possible.


Today, I am thrilled to be who I am and understand that I am exactly where I am supposed to be because I update my brain daily to enjoy who I am and what life is providing for me.



What's more...


I am developing new classes and courses for upgrading the brain.  I invite you to join me to train your brain to become an autonomous thinker and proactive doer to lead your life authentically, purposefully, and joyfully. To be notified when new classes, blogs, or events are available you can sign up on my mailing list HERE.



Make your brain an autonomous thinker and learn to use it in practical ways, free yourself from your conditioning and rewrite your old story. Start consciously producing your desired results and improving your life by using Saemi's unique approach to improve your brain and dissolve your unconscious blocks and programming through customized guided meditations and counseling work. 

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