Awaken From Conditioning and Transform Your Life by REWIRING YOUR BRAIN 

A unique method for expanding your level of awareness, freeing yourself from unconscious blocks,  healing your Inner Child and rewiring your brain, based on the principles of  Theory of an Advanced World (TAW)/Fractal Phenomenology and Fractal Psychology which were invented and developed by Mau Isshiki in Japan.

You are just one step away from becoming whole...


Choose Your Path to Transformation

Awaken From Conditioning and Transform Your Life by REWIRING YOUR BRAIN 

A unique method for expanding your level of awareness, freeing yourself from unconscious blocks,  healing your Inner Child and rewiring your brain, based on the principles of  Theory of an Advanced World (TAW)/Fractal Phenomenology and Fractal Psychology which were invented and scientifically developed by Mau Isshiki in Japan.

You are just one step away from becoming whole...

Choose Your Path To Transformation

Create Your Drama-Free Reality

Let go of your repetitive emotional narratives and dramas with step-by-step approach to acknowledging and rewriting your hidden thought patterns

Learn to Navigate the Mechanism of the Mind

Learn the mechanism of mind, perception & projection to connect with your Child Mind and establish healthy, energetic balance between Adult Mind and Child Mind

Become the CEO of your Brain 

Become the conscious operator of your brilliant brain to create YOUR desired future instead of letting it hold you back - through brain exercises designed to increase neural pathways in the brain

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Dr. Farrah Khaleghi

"...Saemi brought me the greatest gift of all: oneness with myself.

I'm a psychologist and have been in therapy for many years, and meeting with Saemi was meant to target something different. Saemi, as an expert fractal practitioner, immediately and compassionately identified my earliest fractals, helped me understand the concepts and patterns, and identified where those patterns were emerging in my life and provided me layers of skills to get rapid clarity so I could chart a better path forward in all aspects of my life.

The deeper work, the work that unfolded over the two years of work together, was coming home to myself.

Through the work with Saemi, I reunited with the child within me and through that journey I healed, recentered, and lived the new intentions I wanted for my life as a responsible, capable, nurturing presence for myself and for my loved ones.

Saemi is a paradigm shift, as a person and in her work.

Embarking on work with Saemi takes commitment, fortitude, and a willingness to change your life from the inside out. The outcomes speak for themselves and I am grateful every day for my time with Saemi."

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"Thoughts Create Reality, 100% No Exceptions."


The main principle of TAW

How Do You Know that This is For You? 



have fed up with how you have been living your life and would like to enhance your ability to change that, 

✓ desperately want to change how you react to outside sources and gain tools to manage your emotional states

✓ are determined to step up your game of life and become a better navigator to create shifts in your perspective

✓ desire to learn who you are in deep and intimate ways that you have never experienced before

✓ are committed to finding out why you came into this life and the purpose of your life



... then you are in the right place


How I Will Help You Transform Your Life


Cultivate and Enhance Your Talent

Monika, Los Angeles, CA

"My session with Saemi was cathartic."

Even though I was already aware of some of the sources of my struggles, Saemi's techniques brought me back to relive some of my childhood traumas emotionally. That enabled me to process my pain as a high functioning adult rather than as a child. The effects of my session have been ongoing. I have been able to release emotions of anger I knew I had but didn't know how to let them out. My experience was truly transformative and the session with Saemi opened a door to healing I longed for but didn't know how to open myself.

I feel like I can start living a life I fully own, without being weighted down by feelings that don't belong to me anymore. I will always be grateful for that.



I'm In 🤍

The quality of life you may not have even thought possible is truly available to you.



If, like myself long ago, you have been repeating "I do not want to live like this anymore" as a mantra, but none of the remedies you have already tried (be it psychotherapy, self-help seminars and workshops, all kinds of energy healings, and doctor's offices where you have been prescribed anti-anxiety pills and sleeping pills) have managed to completely change your reality, I now know how to support you to turn your old mantra into an updated version: "I live my life the way I desire to live it" because I've done it for myself.

Learn About Saemi's Counseling

Hi. I'm Saemi.

A Counselor for Theory of an Advanced World (TAW) & A Breathwork Facilitator.



I guide my clients to tap into the magnificent power of the brain to shed their victim mentality and transform their lives.

I am devoted to permeating the knowledge of how people can free themselves from their own conditioning.

My hope is that everyone will discover the way to access one's own inner healing potential and beautiful essences, and experience true freedom.

More About Saemi

Recognize your old beliefs and misunderstandings stored in your Child Mind

which have driven you to repeatedly play certain roles in similar scenarios in the past

Remove yourself from self-imposed limitations, restrictions and unconscious blocks

Rediscover your past memories which will support you in creating the desired future


Reset the perspective through which you see your world in a self-empowering way


Create new neural pathways between Adult Mind and Child Mind 

so that you can start steering your focus and energy to create the results you want to produce

Natalie Huntsman, U.K.

"The one session I have had with Saemi has been like a huge break in the clouds."

Having lived under a self imposed radar for most of my life, not really understanding why I was the way I was or why I couldn't seem to better my life without mental and emotional agony and blaming external sources for my sadness, the one session I have had with Saemi has been like a huge break in the clouds.

It is without doubt the fastest transformation I have ever made.

There is of course always ongoing inner work to do but I feel empowered and like a wall has come down around me. In a short time, life feels lighter, my outlook way more colorful and my inner world in far less turmoil than before.


How I can help you transform your life


Benefit from Saemi's unique knowledge of Theory of an Advanced World and techniques from Fractal Paradigm brought exclusively from Japan, and from her vast experience of facilitating breathwork and coaching thousands of clients by working with her in person.

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Free yourself from old narratives and heal the pain in your heart derived from childhood through the unique approach of Inner Child work and brain exercises to transform your worldview and open up limitless new possibilities in your life.

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By downloading these mind-boggling ideas and concepts from the Theory of an Advanced World and Fractal Psychology, we can renew our perspective, elevate our awareness, upgrade the brain, and become the CEO of our own brain to experience true freedom.  

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A Selection of Unique Guided Meditations Developed By Saemi 

Individual meditations or meditations clustered by specific themes are designed to help you connect Your Adult Mind with Your Child Mind, develop new neural wiring, rewrite your old limiting narratives, and ultimately improve all aspects of your life.

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"Let's update the brain so that we can elevate our perspective where we can see more opportunities and possibilities to choose from.


And we can navigate our lives and create our desired future, that is true freedom, our birthright."



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Based on the Theory of An Advanced World (TAW)


The main principle of TAW is “Thoughts Create Reality, 100% No Exceptions.”


Theory of an Advanced World is a base theory of TAW Fractal Phenomenology and Fractal Psychology are created.

TAW is a groundbreaking theory about consciousness and its creation that we perceive as “my reality.”

TAW reveals the structure of this world and the mechanism of how this reality manifests, including who creates it, how it emerges, and how it alters its appearance.

The Principles of The Theory of
An Advanced World


Alleviate Fear and Anxiety by Rewiring Your Brain


💠 Thoughts create reality, one hundred percent, without exceptions.

💠The world is made of fractal structures of projected images based on thought patterns in the deep conscious mind.

💠 We can recreate our memory. We remember only a part of an event based on how we unconsciously decide to frame the experience according to our current worldview and narratives stored in the deep conscious mind.

💠Each one of us is the sole creator of our own reality - Monism. Therefore, there is no one or anything else to blame or forgive.

💠 What I experience in my tangible reality is the result of accumulated thought energy in the deep consciousness. In other words, what I can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch in my reality is the manifested version of my accumulated thought patterns in the subconsciousness/unmanifested realm.

Create A Neural Pathway Between Adult Mind & Child Mind World (TAW)


We think that as we grow older, our brains grow older too. But Child Mind stays with us forever, influencing our dicision making process and affecting our lives unconsciously, unless Adult Mind TAKES THE LEADERSHIP ROLE IN THE BRAIN.


Your Child Mind was developed at age 0-6, and that is the emotional part of the brain, the life force that contains tremendous life force energy of desire and with proper guidance can manifest the desired results of your Adult Mind, a logical, rational part of the brain that has matured by age 25-30 and has the ability to solve problems.

When these two parts of the brain are well connected and the logical Adult Mind takes the leadership role and guides the emotional Child Mind, things go well. But when these two parts of the same brain are not aligned and want to move in the opposite direction, then conflicts, dramas, and self-sabotaging-destructive behaviors arise and project these conflicts onto the outside world and manifest them.

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Saemi uses guided meditations to guide her clients to explore the particular memories in the Child Mind.

This is a part of the brain that developed between the ages of 0 and 6 and contains many unconscious blocks that have prevented the client from moving forward with their life.

These unconscious limitations and restrictions are usually projected as unhealthy, destructive events or people in their lives.

By guiding her clients to an expanded level of awareness, they can gain a completely different understanding and interpretation of the memory so that they can free themselves from the old stories, narratives and distorted self-images so that well-deserved healing can occur.


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During the initial counseling session, Saemi guides her clients to reach out and connect with their Child Mind and create a new neural wiring between the Adult Mind and the Child Mind in their brain.

Clients begin to recognize the underlying reasons for their thinking habits and life patterns (repetitive emotional dramas) by acknowledging the two parts of the brain, the Adult Mind and the Child Mind, within themselves.

By understanding the nature of the Child Mind and acquiring the technique to connect and heal the Child Mind, the filtered lenses through which clients see the world can be transformed, opening up limitless new possibilities in their lives.



Yes, I Want To Create The Life I Truly Deserve💫

As clients diligently practice customized brain exercises, they begin to form and strengthen new neural circuitry in the Adult Mind. As a result, clients gradually take on a parenting role for their Child Mind.

Clients can begin to see changes in others (e.g., your spouse, partner, parents, children, bosses, co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc.) by consciously observing and modifying their own thought patterns using the techniques learned in the sessions.


I Want to Work With Saemi

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Much like rapidly evolving technology, we must constantly upgrade our brains to survive in the modern world.

Our world resembles virtual reality games so we need to learn certain knowledge and enhance our skills to navigate ourselves to be conscious participants in this structured world. 

You ARE a programmer and a player of your virtual reality world.

We need to upgrade our brains to free ourselves from limiting conditioning:

"The world is a scary place, I can not do anything about it", 

If a belief like above is stuck in our Child Mind, it has been an unconscious block that has been preventing us to be autonomous thinkers and proactive doers in navigating our life and living up to our potential.  

Become a student of the Theory of an Advanced World and the Fractal Paradigm that Saemi brought from Japan, and build up your brain muscles so that you can become a conscious programmer/CEO of your brain.  You will be able to consciously bring forth your desired results and create your amazing future to fully enjoy living in.  

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Guzel Gjenasaj, Los Angeles, CA

"My session with Saemi was so profound."


Saemi describes the brain and which parts process emotions and the trauma we carry. She deeply listened as I described what it is that I need support with. She then guides you to access earliest memories. This was my second session with Saemi and both times I was able to see a different perspective of those memories. I didn't even know it was possible to see a different perspective. I released a lot of emotions during the session and felt so incredibly light and happy after...and since.

The insights gained were so profound. Far greater than anything achieved in traditional psychotherapy.

The session was very spacious in time so I felt very seen and supported. Saemi is so lovely and warm. Her guidance is so loving that I was able to feel totally safe to dive deeply into old wounding.

Saemi also provides support after the session by giving you meditations to listen to for sometime after the session so you can re-program your neural pathways.

If you want to let go of old scripts that hold you back from, love, great health, success with money, career or relationships, Saemi's counseling method is your answer.



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“The Brain Is An Ever Evolving Reality Producing Machine ”

Jul 02, 2023