Why do we get so jealous?

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Have you ever thought about the reason why we get jealous of others so much?


There is a type of person who is always intense and moody because they are constantly competing. Their mind is obsessed and compulsively measure themselves against someone else in their head. Do you know why some people fixate on competing with others in their mind?



Losing one’s kingdom/queendom could be an epic/traumatic event for babies and toddlers


When they were babies or toddlers, their parents treated and admired them like a little king or a queen so that their undeveloped brains perceived that they were the most precious being and believed they were superior to anybody else in the world. But for little children, the world means a family unit, and as they grow, their world grows also, and sooner or later, in their little bit bigger world, they will face a situation where they get overthrown.  


If you are one of those people who are compulsively fighting or competing in your mind, think about it. Who defeated you for the first time in your young life? Was it your baby sister or baby brother? Or it might have been a friend of yours, a neighborhood kid, or one of your cousins?  



Your childhood belief can paint your childhood and your self-image in gloomy color


When you felt that you were not the most important child to your Mom anymore since she started taking care of your baby sister or brother, or had to go back to work leaving you in someone else’s care, or took you to a kindergarten for the first time and left you there, it was so shocking that you felt as if your kingdom got ripped apart and you felt unsafe.  And your undeveloped brain fantasized about the reason why your Mom betrayed you by treating you in such a way and you settled down with the title of “I am not worthy.”  Then, you became desperate to prove that you were still worthy of getting Mom’s attention back by striving to become better and more than who you were. And this particular desire to seek approval or external power turns into your obsessive-compulsive behavioral pattern to always measure yourself with others to feel superior.


And you carry the self-image and this unconscious thinking pattern over to your adulthood. Whenever you feel you are not feeling validated or not good enough, this thought pattern gets activated and you automatically project the image of the enemy onto someone else and start fighting your imaginary battle and competition.



How to channel my jealousy and dark thought into my creative power 


It is not realistic that you always win. You cannot be and do not need to be the best at everything. There is a better way which is to focus your energy more effectively. Because of your nature of competitiveness, you have the desire to strive for better. Therefore, if you focus your energy on a specific objective in a field that you have passion for and are determined to give yourself 100% effort to achieve it, there will be a better chance of winning.  So, choose a fight wisely and keep enhancing your potential.



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