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Each one of us is a compilation of indefinable units of thought patterns which are called conditioning.


“The basic laws of the universe are simple, but because our senses are limited, we can't grasp them. There is a pattern in creation.” -  Albert Einstein  


Once we become aware of our own thought patterns, tendencies, and behavioral patterns, the next step is to acknowledge the consequences that we experienced due to the choices that we had unconsciously made in the past. If I don't like the results that I am experiencing in my reality, then I can reverse the process to examine which thought pattern drove me to make the choice to experience the result.  Then, I can break the particular thought pattern/conditioning by starting to make different choices to consciously and proactively produce better results.  



The brain is always predicting what we are going to experience next


The way our brain is wired is that we only see what we believe is possible since the brain uses prediction to project and manifest its reality.  Therefore, the brain is conditioned to perceive the world by judging and evaluating based on one's beliefs, such as self-definitions, self-image, and worldview.  Since the world is recognized and experienced through the perception/filter in the brain, a large part of our experience is already determined by the filter through which we perceive our world before we actually encounter anything.



Increase brain power to build your desired future


The future is always unknown, but some people seem to be continually moving forward and thriving effortlessly. Those who are on the move to produce their desired outcomes allow themselves to have dreams and achieve goals either consciously or unconsciously using the mechanism of conditioning to support themselves moving forward.  They are always deciding what they need to do next, acting accordingly, and taking one step at a time towards their desired goals.  They are looking at the future and imagining their desired outcomes by literally bringing their visions to fruition. And by autonomously paving the way and walking the path upward towards their goals, they elevate their perspectives to be more adaptable and flexible as the world shifts and evolves.  


Those types of people who have experienced manifesting their dreams into reality with their intentions, determination, and resilience know to a certain degree that it is a pattern/formula consisting of orderly steps and arrangements to produce their desired outcomes.  


This concept of “manifesting your desired outcomes into reality by following a formula” is not so much about wishing, hoping, praying, or expecting to get what you want.  It is an experience of knowing.  The only people who can realize how much they are capable of building their desired future are the ones who keep challenging themselves and moving upwardly.


To make one's life move in an upward spiral, we need to consistently break the ineffective or destructive patterns, upgrade our strategy and form new patterns that can support us to move towards our next goal, then the next goal, the next one, and so on.... to keep the momentum going with the energy trajectory of an upward spiral.  



Train Your Brain to move in the direction where you can live your life to the fullest


Creating our desired reality is a gradual process of elevating awareness to see who we are by enhancing our potential with repetition and consistency and making our dreams into reality one at a time.  And by becoming the conscious creator of one's desired reality, one can realize the ultimate challenge and purpose that one was born to fulfill.  



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