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TAW Knowledge Dojo* (TAW=Theory of an Advanced World)


*Dojo means "place of the Way" in Japanese. This is traditionally in martial arts but has been seen increasingly in other fields, such as meditation and software development, which is a hall or place for immersive learning.



Awaken The Brain with TAW, “Thoughts Create Reality - 100% No Exceptions”


TAW stands for Theory of an Advanced World. This is the name of the theory developed by Ms. Mau Isshiki in Japan. 


What she originally wanted to understand was the mysterious force called “fate", the mechanism of human destiny.  She used to believe that there was a realm that held all the memories of past lives that constructed and influenced a destiny that we were born into and bound us for life.  She started studying history in 1994.  During the quest to solve the mystery of human destiny, she realized that there was a correlation between the development of world history and the shapes and constellation of geographical terrains in which the historical events took place. There is a saying, “History repeats itself”, but what intrigued her curiosity was the other way around.  She could perceive the correlation between those geographical patterns and shapes on the two-dimensional map and their narratives which we call history. She recognized that certain pieces of history (scenarios) might be an amplified version of the history of her psychological evolution (her life stories).  She began to wonder if historical narratives are enlarged duplicates of her narratives/thought patterns that are projected onto layers of invisible screens which she imagines and perceives as history.  This discovery tickled her curiosity even more since it seemed that time does not always flow from the past to the future. 


From this hypothesis, which is that similar historical events shaped similar geographical patterns, she wondered if this world might be an illusionary world created out of the knowledge, past memory, and information stored in her brain. In other words, this world is a virtual world projected by her internal projector, the brain.  As she studied in more detail by gathering data by confirming that things she could observe in the outside world are related to her inner beliefs and past memories, she came to the conclusion, “Thoughts produce image and the brain/five senses perceives it and interprets it as reality, 100% without exception!" She was able to unveil the mechanism of how our thoughts create this phenomenal world, deceive our mind, and project thought patterns to create the trajectory of our lives which is human destiny. To summarize briefly, this world is a virtual reality produced by our consciousness*, and TAW is a theory that reveals the mechanism of reality. 


The basic idea of ​​TAW is that this world is made up of the interpretations of the five senses created by thought energy. This world is a virtual reality that consists of multilayered structures that are repetitively projected images from one’s deep conscious mind. 


TAW categorizes only the parts of the outer world that are directly recognized by more than three senses out of five senses as “my reality." Otherwise, it is "less than my reality”, such as news programs, internet articles and videos, whatever you read and see on a computer or smartphone, or something you heard through other people, in other words, illusion, fantasy or imaginative narratives in this virtual world.  


Each one of us is the protagonist of one’s virtual world, and the people that show up in one’s world are created by the projection of one's deep conscious mind.  The same concept was used in a movie, Christopher Nolan’s “Inception.”  The main character, Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), is a specialist in conducting and operating a production to infuse a piece of information into his subject’s deep conscious mind to re-write the subject’s specific semi-unconscious narrative to guide the subject to come up with a different desired objective in his reality.  There is a scene where Cobb describes to his newly recruited accomplice, Adriana, that everyone that shows up in his dream state is a piece element from his deep conscious mind. 


Dreams are the very activities of the deep conscious mind.  Realizing one’s thought patterns has the same meaning as the realization of one's dreams, and in TAW, reality is called a “crystalized dream." 


My reality is what I can feel directly with my five senses because my thoughts have crystallized, solidified, and manifested. The amount of one's accumulated thought energy determines what is seen and where it is projected, which our cognition interprets as time (past or future) and spatial arrangement (far or near) due to optical illusion.  In other words, space-time is created by thought activity, and according to TAW, history is one of the fantasies projected onto an invisible screen from a far distance.


“Consciousness” is still an unfamiliar territory, and only a handful of people know what it is and what it does.  And with their elevated awareness to have a complete understanding of this reality as a mind-made illusion, then they can become the creator of all that is in their reality.  In the elevated perspectives, everybody and everything, including one’s own body, is a reflection of one’s inner essence. TAW theorizes that one consciousness is the origin of all the phenomena in the universe, which is a concept called Monism.


*Consciousness is the conscious mind. 



A better brain, better life, better world.


The Theory of an Advanced World (TAW) can upgrade the brain's capacity to understand consciousness and its magnificent creation that we call “reality.” TAW reveals the structure of this world and the mechanism of this magnificent world, including who creates it, how it emerges, and how it alters its appearance. TAW is a theory, so we need to have systematically structured neural pathways in the brain to process that information not only to make sense of it but also to recognize its value.


TAW proposes a completely new view of the world. If you want to upgrade your brain or transform your life, TAW can be helpful. After you start to reorganize your thought patterns and update and rewire your brain by downloading a new structured way of perceiving yourself and your reality and increasing more neural wirings in the logical part of the brain, with the upgraded brain, you will start to perceive the world from an expanded perspective. The world will look completely different through your updated perspective with the higher vantage point, where you can perceive more opportunities and possibilities, which is true freedom.  


Since we experience our reality through the brain, a better/more evolved brain, which consists of more neural wirings that have emerged from the logical mind’s perspective, can more powerfully project and perceive favorable events and relationships in life. As a result, a better brain creates a better world where you practice your innate potential as the creator of your reality.



What is a virtual reality world?


Science discovered that the atoms that form more than 30 trillion human body cells are 99.99999% space on the molecular level.  When you read this statement, you might question the nature of this physical existence, “What are we actually seeing and physically experiencing then?”


This mind-boggling concept might have had a strong impact on many people initially, but even if they had accepted the theory, it could not have solved their daily problems. Even if it was a new scientific discovery, they could not see any influence or value in their life.  It was probably a similar way when the heliocentric system displaced the geocentric system and even earlier in history when some genius discovered that the earth was a globe and not flat. 



What can we do to pull ourselves from nightmarish narratives and transform ourselves into an upgraded reality?


Compare our life from thirty years ago. Technology has been advancing at unprecedented speed, and we can easily predict that it will be faster as time progresses. We can search for any information by typing into the computer or commanding our smartphone. A new iPhone shows up every year. The Operational System (OS) for computers and smartphones have upgrades every six months. Is that supposed to make our everyday life more convenient and more comfortable?


Ironically, that has not fulfilled our emotional needs. It has the opposite effect. We have experienced enormous mental pressure, fogginess, and anxiety. Many of us are on the verge of emotional breakdowns. We live in such an emotional quandary that we sometimes need to medicate ourselves to get through the day. What is happening to us?  



The brain has run our show by default, yet the brain has not updated as technology has advanced


We do not know how the brain operates and how to use it in a more practical manner. There is so much information bombarding us every minute. Still, because the brain's capacity is not up to date to process that information, that makes us feel like we are sinking with a boat that forced us to sail into this new information era. 


We live in an information era where so many new ideas, concepts, and information come at us every day and every minute, but our brains’ capacity to process information is not up to date. It is still operating in our everyday lives in the same way, as far as we can remember.  


Never before has a brain upgrade been seriously needed to this degree. With our upgraded brain, we can develop the ability to think, choose, and act accordingly to produce our desired results, which is the ticket to true freedom. True freedom to navigate our life to build our desired future in whatever way we desire to. Also, by becoming autonomous thinkers and proactive doers, we can become conscious players in our virtual reality world.


Again, It is Scientifically known that we are made out of atoms, molecules, and particles, which are more than 99% empty.  And those elements are described as not being solid matter.  Quantum physics defines them as waves of tendencies allowing an infinite field of potentiality.  We are the results of undefinable atoms of creation, and our fundamental element is an energy field of infinite potentiality.  Therefore, wherever we put our focus, possibilities will emerge.  



Take back control to navigate your life by becoming an autonomous thinker and proactive doer by downloading the knowledge of TAW


Whether the future of humanity will be bright or going to ruin by AI robots, cyber terrorism, climate change, or alien invasion (maybe) depends on how many people will learn the mechanism of mind to sort out their congested thought patterns and incoherent emotional narratives to operate the brain in a more practical manner so that they can autonomously keep updating the brain and maintaining its capacity to process information as the world shifts and advances. Otherwise, we will continue to live in an extension of the past as if we were tracing history, with the same primitive use of the brain as in early childhood.


I have counseled and facilitated breathwork sessions for several thousand people whose brains were emotionally hijacked by their own unconscious thought patterns and emotional narratives. Many people who came to join breathwork workshops or one-on-one counseling sessions were stuck in their nightmarish merry-go-round, and some of them were physically getting sick from it. I have also witnessed that people were like bystanders in their own lives and have lost their abilities to think for themselves and make their own choices because they had been trapped in their mind-made narratives which were developed while they were little children. 



There is a hope to evolve our brain by rewriting codes and narratives within


Suppose we accept this theory that this world is not solid at all.  It is a virtual reality happening not outside of our bodies but inside of us.  Then the next question might arise: “What is happening between the scientific hypothesis that there is almost no substantial matter in this world and the reality that I experience, which seemingly has my body, everybody, and everything in it?”


Perception has a magnificent built-in system called the “five senses.” Even though hypothetically, there is nothing out there, the reason that we can feel, smell, hear, see, and taste is because of the functions of the five senses.  The five senses process and translate information, data, and code and make them into a sensory experience.


My human experience is an interpretation of information coming through my five senses, and without these five senses, I do not have a physical experience, and I don’t even exist as a human being.  As soon as my five senses start to function, I show up in my reality and start to have my physical experience as being me.  Therefore, the five senses are the administrator, which is constantly assembling and organizing sensations into meaningful patterns and creating bodies, faces, sounds, illusions, and other people, and the outer container, which holds everybody and everything out of the raw material of sensation (electrical signals) into my human experience.  My perception can respond to the sensory experience by adding meanings to evoke certain emotions and form beliefs, thought patterns, and narratives.  As a result, I become conditioned to describe myself, my world, and my life based on these patterns, beliefs, and narratives, which means if I do not exist, neither my world nor my life appear and exist, which is the basic principle of Monism.



Only understanding who you are can set you free


About 2600 years ago in India, there was a man who was born as a prince, Siddhartha Gautama, who became the first Buddha who discovered that this world is a mind-made illusion.  His brain evolved to the degree that he could see and understand the empty nature of this reality.  In one of the most well-known Buddhist scriptures, “The Heart Sutra”, Buddha describes the mechanism of mind-constructed illusion and presents his wisdom as teaching.  To pull ourselves from the cycle of suffering and reach the other side, it is necessary to raise awareness to see things the way they are without adding any emotional narratives.  And by developing a balanced perspective to observe this world of duality as one’s sole responsibility and as one’s own creation, one can expand one’s own perspective to the degree that what one can recognize and perceive as a world is a mere projection of one’s own internal self, which is the awakened state of mind.  


Below are quotes from one of many Buddha’s autobiographies, written by the late Thich Nhat Hanh - the renowned Vietnamese Buddhist Monk, that explains Buddha’s wisdom to encourage us to release ourselves from our mental barriers of suffering and victim mentality and advance to a new world where we can choose to live and thrive whichever way we desire to.


“If one penetrates into the empty nature of all things, one will transcend all mental barriers, and be liberated from the cycle of suffering.” 


“…impermanence and emptiness of self are the very conditions necessary for life.  Without impermanence and emptiness of self, nothing could grow or develop.”


“If one’s perception were accurate, reality revealed itself with ease; but if one’s perceptions were erroneous, reality was veiled.  People were caught in endless suffering because of their erroneous perceptions…” 


- Old Path White Clouds (A biography of Buddha) by Thich Nhat Hanh



Both Buddhism and quantum mechanics say that the world arises through observation.  


Even in the Western world, this is not a brand-new concept.  Over the past thirty years, more and more scientists have been talking about and permeating their scientific discoveries about the new way to see the world we live in as a virtual reality-like world created by the brain or consciousness.


For example, Anil Seth, a neuroscientist who studies consciousness, talks in a TED talk on the theme “Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality”, and the physicist Amit Goswami in the documentary drama "What's the Bleep Do We Know !?” states that, "We have been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real than the internal world. New science says what’s happening within us will create what’s happening outside of us." Also, Dr. Beau Lotto, a neuroscientist, in the television series "Brain Games.” states that “We generate perceptions of a world that is useful to see. And the useful perception does not have to correspond with what’s actually there…. Nothing that we see is in fact out there in the world.”   Dr. Stan Grof, who is one of the pioneers of Transpersonal Psychology and the founder of Holotropic Breathwork, writes in one of his many books, “The Holotropic Mind,” that “Consciousness does not just passively reflect the objective material world; it plays an active role in creating reality itself.”


Elon Musk, a businessman and engineer who is world-renowned and influential also believes that the world we live in is like a programmed simulation image like a virtual reality game.




This world, without exception, is the result of the compilation of your thought patterns. Your thoughts are what have created your virtual reality world.


When Ms. Mau Isshiki started teaching TAW theory in Tokyo in 2005, she met emotional resistance from the participants who attended her class. She saw that most people in the world are hard-wired to be operated by the emotional part of the brain and do not have enough capacity to validate the significant value of this information. 


The participants couldn’t understand how TAW could help them to resolve their problems, ease their worries and anxiety, or enhance the quality of their lives. TAW was an extremely unfamiliar concept, so it was a challenge for them to connect the information with their current issues in their daily lives. Even if they were told that “Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” and they were the creator and the governor of their world, the concept did not mean anything much to them unless they learned to apply the information to solve their current struggles or produce their desired outcomes.  


She realized the need to develop a set of structured neural networks in their brains to perceive, process, and evaluate the information to integrate it. She understood the need to upgrade the brain’s capacity to process information by stimulating and developing new neural pathways for rewiring.


Therefore, Ms. Mau Isshiki wrote a separate textbook* to focus on people’s psychological components to organize and prioritize their thought patterns by learning what kind of thought patterns could produce what kind of events and people in their reality so that people could have more elevated perspectives. 


By learning those innovative concepts and building more structured neural networks in the brain, her students started to recognize which automatic thought patterns manifested the event or people they thought were the causes of their stress, worries, and anxieties. Also, they learn to self-evaluate and modify their thought patterns to start manifesting events and people they would like to experience instead. And during this process of autonomously updating the brain, people enhance their notion that they have the freedom to think and choose for themselves to produce their desired outcomes and create their desired reality. And by the time they get to that point, they have enough knowledge to truly appreciate the value of TAW and the purpose of their lives.


When we start freeing ourselves from our self-inflicted unconscious limitations and live our life more consciously, there is no way back.  Once the brain finds its new favorite nutrition (stimuli), it does not want to go back to consuming the old stale food (overly processed emotional narratives).  


If you want to upgrade your brain or transform your life, TAW can be helpful. Three adjustments are needed to upgrade the brain so that we can have a larger capacity to process bundled units of data, code, and information.  And with the upgraded brain, each one of us gradually wakes up from one’s mind-made illusion and is able to perceive one’s own virtual reality world as the creator of all that is.  The three adjustments are:


  1.  The victim mentality needs to be eliminated or minimized in mind.
  2.  The ability to recognize one’s own thought patterns in a deep conscious/subconscious mind needs to be developed.
  3.  The perspective which can understand the theory that outside events are magnified projections of internal elements needs to be developed by enhancing the ability to connect one’s micro thought patterns and its macro-sized projected images in the outside world.


By taking the knowledge of TAW into your brain, downloading it, and upgrading your brain, you will learn to grasp the thought patterns and thought activity in your conscious mind. You will be able to understand the meaning of what is happening in your life, and you will be able to understand how and why events happened in your past. You will understand what this life means to you and how you can plan and navigate it. And you will be able to recognize your ability and choice to draw your own blueprint for your life and imagine the future you want. That is the purpose of downloading TAW into your brain. 


It could take from a few to several years to fully recognize that this world is our creation of the conscious activities in our deep conscious mind. And when our brain’s processing speed reaches to a certain level, our life reveals itself.  We will understand that we are the ones who chose to appear here and have this human experience. Our human experience of living life to the best of our ability becomes truly worthwhile and enjoyable. We will be able to understand that this reality completely makes sense thus, it is safe because it is governed by systematically formulated structures. As long as we follow the systems, not only are we protected by them, but also we can use them as our leverage to thrive in our lives.


Once we understand that there is no need to expend our precious energy worrying or preparing for unforeseen unfortunate circumstances that may or may not strike us one day, we can see that there is nobody or nothing to blame, fight with, or defend ourselves from. Therefore, we get to focus on creating our desired world by making our dreams come true, and all we need to depend on is our potential as the creator of our reality. 



*Ms. Mau Isshiki named this study Fractal Psychology (2007), and it is a requirement before diving into TAW, which is now named TAW Fractal Phenomenology.


In this “TAW Knowledge Dojo,” we learn the basic knowledge of the main principle of TAW and Fractal Psychology, “Thoughts Create Reality, 100% No Exceptions.”



You can register for the upcoming episodes by clicking HERE.



“A Series of Classes For Theory of an Advanced World (TAW) & Fractal Psychology Starting in January 2023”


TAW Knowledge Dojo* 

*Dojo means "place of the Way" in Japanese. This is traditionally in martial arts but has been seen increasingly in other fields, such as meditation and software development, which is a hall or place for immersive learning.


The purpose of the training:

This is a space where you can access innovative knowledge and effective methods to upgrade the brain based on TAW (Theory of an Advanced World) and Fractal Psychology so that you can apply this knowledge to become an autonomous thinker and a proactive doer.

The space is held by Saemi, who provides a 90 min episode twice a month, indefinitely, that offers an element of the knowledge of TAW and Fractal Psychology followed by Q & A, and possibly with a brain exercise to expand our perspective together.


Requirement for participating:

  • Each episode has a topic and stands on its own, and you can join any date, but please show up on time. There is one requirement for the initiation to read the below blog post that explains the Theory of an Advanced World and Fractal Psychology so that you can get an idea of what you are getting into. There is no prep work or home play before and after each episode. 
  • There is one requirement before the initial participation, which is to read a post that explains the Theory of an Advanced World and Fractal Psychology so that you can get an idea of what you are getting into.
  • There is no prep work or home play before and after each episode. Please have a notepad and a pan handy.


This is for you if you are:

  • Hungry for knowledge to rewire your brain to evolve and deepen the understanding of who you are
  • Willing to take responsibility to engage in your own inner work to expand your perspective to see the different aspects of your reality
  • Wanting to learn the structure of this virtual world
  • Wanting to get out of the emotional world and upgrade your neural wirings to move upwardly onto an elevated reality where you will reside as the creator of all that is

…then this is the class for you. 


The rules for upgrading your brain to process the knowledge of TAW

Since Saemi wants to keep this space safe for all attendees who are seekers of knowledge and freely ask questions, attendees are not allowed to record or take screenshots of any parts of sessions.  Also, all participants are required to keep their videos on.


We are rewiring the brain by assembling new ideas, concepts, and information to construct more structured neural wirings within in order to project and manifest a more structured world. We only discuss, analyze, and reassemble personal information/data about what happened to each individual. Therefore, you are encouraged to bring any case studies from your personal experience into the sessions.  However, it is not effective to work with experiences that have happened to other people that you heard or read in the news or saw on TV since those experiences have already been filtered and interpreted and are not in your immediate reality.


Saemi will record each episode, not for the purpose of uploading it for replay but for saving it as her record. She treats the information as her material and later uses pieces to introduce the knowledge to the world and promote her upcoming courses. She will not use any pieces that include anybody else’s figure or voice.  If, in any case, she would like to include a piece in which she is answering someone’s question, she will ask the person who raised the question permission for the inclusion.


Please show up on time



Date & Time, and Topics for upcoming episodes:

 Episode #1: Sunday, January 15th, from 8:30 am - 10:00 am (US Pacific)

This world is a Virtual Reality - How to differentiate your actual reality from your imagination.

 Episode #2Sunday, January 22nd, from 8:30 am - 10:00 am (US Pacific)

The power of words, “What is your definition of Freedom?” -  Definitions of words can be your driving force to move forward or unconscious blocks to hold you back.

 Episode #3: Sunday, February 12th, from 8:30 am - 10:00 am (US Pacific)

An effective way to expend energy is with “The Law of Conservation of Energy” -  Which part of the brain is causing energy leakage?

Episode #4: Sunday, February 26th, from 8:30 am - 10:00 am (US Pacific)

What does “Enlightenment” mean from the TAW perspective, and how can we attain it?

Episode #5: Sunday, March 12th, from 8:30 am - 10:00 am (US Pacific)

"Examine your Unconscious Bloks around Money" What kind of unconscious thought pattern is registered in your deep conscious mind? 

Episode #6: Sunday, March 26th, from 8:30 am - 10:00 am (US Pacific)

"Transform Others by Transforming Yourself" We live in a mirrored world. Whoever triggers my negative emotions is my spiritual teacher!

Episode #7 ~ To be announced


Fee to join each episode:

Each episode is $20. By making a payment, you will receive a zoom link when you register for a session.


You can register for the upcoming episodes by clicking HERE.






Make your brain an autonomous thinker and learn to use it in practical ways, free yourself from your conditioning and rewrite your old story. Start consciously producing your desired results and improving your life by using Saemi's unique approach to improve your brain and dissolve your unconscious blocks and programming through customized guided meditations and counseling work. 

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