How to Influence Your Ability to Attract What You Want - “Law of Attraction”

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Grey blocks shaped in jigsaw puzzles coming together to create a circle. Alignment can become a magnetic force


I was a big fan of “Law of Attraction”, “The Secret”, and Abraham’s teaching


A couple of decades ago, I became a big fan of “Law of Attraction” by watching “The Secret” and reading books about Abraham that Esther and late Jerry Hicks published. 


Whenever I watched or read anything related to the “Law of Attraction,” I was excited, thinking about what it would be like to have everything I wanted and experience in the future. But the sensation was always temporary, and even though I created my vision board and collages made out of cut-out images from magazines, it didn’t last. The uplifting feeling was fleeting, and I would end up disappointed, frustrated, and even slightly resentful.  



You can learn the secret of manifestation by learning how to use the brain in a practical manner


Over the past several years, I have learned the mechanism of projection, perception, and mind through the Theory of an Advanced World (TAW), so I now understand the structure of how our deep conscious mind arranges and manifests the desired phenomenon in the outside world. With my updated brain, I can understand why my attempts to attract happiness, abundance, and success were futile. That is because I did not know how our minds and brains worked. 



The brain magic can be created by balancing the mind-body-spirit


We are most proactive and productive when the mind-body-spirit is well connected and balanced so that they can align with our intention to create our desired outcomes harmoniously. However, sometimes our mind is in conflict, then the conflict will be manifested in our reality. 


For example, if my logical mind wants to get married or get into a relationship, yet my emotional mind does not want to lose freedom or take care of my future partner’s emotional baggage, then my deep conscious mind does not manifest as a suitable man to married to. Or my logical mind wants to become a successful business owner since I don’t wish to work for anybody. However, my emotional mind doesn’t want to take too much responsibility since I still want to have enough time to go on vacation at a moment’s notice, them my deep conscious mind creates obstacles to prevent me from becoming a successful business owner to maintain the level of my desired freedom.



How to remove negative thought patterns and increase the power to attract my desired outcomes


My desired results can be canceled out because of these conflicting ideas in my deep conscious mind that I call “Unconscious Blocks.”


While we have unconscious blocks, driving to a destination would be a struggle. You put a destination/goal into GPS and one foot on the gas pedal, but your Child Mind puts the other foot onto the brake pedal because it has an opposite agenda. And what would happen is that you are not moving forward. All you do is consume gas but not get anywhere.


Consuming gas is in our physical state, depleting our energy and vitality. This type of conflict in our minds could cause fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, or lack of motivation, and takes away some clarity in our heads.


You can join me to learn the mechanism of mind and the mechanism of perception & projection to elevate your awareness to become a powerful manifesto of your desired future.



Tools to replace your negative thought patterns with more proactive and productive thought patterns


I offer four guided meditation bundles, and you might find the ”Grow Your Success" Bundle helpful to examine your potential unconscious blocks and replace them with more positive and proactive thought patterns to move forward toward your goals and desired future.  Click HERE



What's more...

I am developing new classes and courses for upgrading the brain.  I invite you to join me to train your brain to become an autonomous thinker and proactive doer to lead your life authentically, purposefully, and joyfully. 

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Make your brain an autonomous thinker and learn to use it in practical ways, free yourself from your conditioning and rewrite your old story. Start consciously producing your desired results and improving your life by using Saemi's unique approach to improve your brain and dissolve your unconscious blocks and programming through customized guided meditations and counseling work. 

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