How to “UNSTUCK” yourself from your life patterns

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When we feel stuck in our lives, there are two possibilities that we can become aware of:


1). Not wanting to make an effort to create changes in one’s life. 


The brain is selective, which means to conserve energy by bundling our thought patterns and putting our activity on automatic pilot so that we don’t have to think about it. We like to stay with familiarity and feel safe in the sameness, so unless we recognize the necessity of being autonomous thinkers and proactive doers to consciously produce our desired outcomes, our brains choose to stay where we have been.  


Therefore, one of the antidotes to feeling stuck with your life is to start doing things unfamiliar to you, taking small risks, or setting a new goal to achieve. New things start happening to people when they choose something new to do for themselves and step into the unknown.


2). There are conflicting ideas in one’s head.


Imagine there are multiple characteristics in us. One is the emotional part of the brain that developed while we were babies and toddlers, which I call, Child Mind, and there is the logical part of the brain, which I call, Adult Mind.  


As we all know, our emotions are powerful. For example, even if we vow to follow our New Year’s resolution, the resolution goes out of the window once emotions take over our bodies and mind.


Therefore, one of the antidotes to containing the power of emotions is to get to know our Child Mind and what kind of beliefs, desires, or emotional narratives are stored in it, and logically figure out how to fulfill its emotional needs.



Become aware of which direction we focus on expending our energy.


While the emotional part of our brain runs us by default, we are trapped in the cycle of emotional narratives and repeatedly going around our deep-seated repetitive scenarios.


Adult Mind is about growth and expansion with self-sustainable pride, self-worth, and joy of being. And its energy and focus are allocated to its action plan to accumulate results so that energy flow creates a trajectory of an upward elevation. On the other hand, the Child Mind is all about emotions and accustomed to having others fulfill its emotional needs.  



Typical Conflicting Desires Stored In The Same Brain


Just recognizing these conflicting desires co-exist in your brain could be the first step to “unstuck” yourself from the unconscious tagging war in your head.


  • We cannot keep our freedom and, at the same time, ask others to eliminate our loneliness. 
  • We cannot become capable and confident while demanding our parents, spouse, and friends to fulfill our (emotional) needs. 
  • We cannot enhance our ability to earn as much as we desire while we are dependent on others’ approval to feel good about ourselves or others’ ability to earn and create financial security for us. 
  • We cannot become autonomous thinkers and proactive doers while constantly relying on others to figure things out and decide for us or entertain us.
  • We cannot dedicate ourselves to our personal development and spiritual expansion if we put too much value on being comfortable and avoiding discomfort.



When we go to self-help seminars or motivational workshops and we get pumped up with collective energy and by learning good affirmations and positive self-talk, we would go back to the same sad/fearful/frustrated/nervous feelings after several days of those workshops and seminars because the good information and affirmations are addressed to Adult Mind and do not reach to Child Mind. So our Child Mind is still left alone and looking for love and approval in the wrong places. 


You might be surprised how many adult individuals are trapped in their Child Mind’s repetitive dramas and have been going around the loop of repetitive old narratives for decades. But they have no idea that that is where they have been and that that is why they are feeling stuck, going through an emotional roller-coaster, fatigued, depressed, and in despair. 



What's coming up...


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Make your brain an autonomous thinker and learn to use it in practical ways, free yourself from your conditioning and rewrite your old story. Start consciously producing your desired results and improving your life by using Saemi's unique approach to improve your brain and dissolve your unconscious blocks and programming through customized guided meditations and counseling work. 

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