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A long long time ago, people believed that the earth is flat, and later a famous scholar figured out that the earth was not flat but that it was a globe.  Also, a long time ago, people believed that the sun was circling around the earth, and later it was discovered that the earth was one of several planets circling around the sun.


Even though these types of mind-boggling new discoveries could reject the old alleged truths and be accepted as glorious scientific discoveries and the new truth, they didn’t have any impact on people’s normal everyday lives. Most people went on with their lives without interruption.  As time passing, those new theories gradually permeated into people’s perspectives and have become the norms so that no one doubts or argues about them anymore.



Our brain is selective to register ideas that give us immediate benefits and gratifications


One of the latest wondrous scientific discoveries is that this reality is not solid matter.  Science discovered that the atoms that form more than 30 trillion human body cells are 99.99999% space on the molecular level.  When I read this statement when I was a teenager, I questioned the nature of my physical existence, “What are we actually seeing and physically experiencing then?” My question was on such a grand scale at the time that I could not wrap my head around it so I gave up thinking any further.  


This mind-boggling concept had such a shocking impact on me at first, but even if I had accepted the theory, it could not have solved my daily teenage problems. Even it was a new scientific discovery, I could not see any influence or value in my life. It was probably similar to how most people felt when the heliocentric system displaced the geocentric system, and even further down, and when some genius calculated and discovered that the earth was a globe and not flat. 



An awakening state of mind is a result of the brain function when it gains a higher vantage point of view - an elevated perspective


However, already about 2600 years ago in India, there was a man who was born as a prince, Siddhartha Gautama, who became the first Buddha who discovered that this world is a mind-made illusion.  His brain evolved to the degree that he could see and understand the empty nature of this reality.  In one of the most well-known Buddhist scriptures “The Heart Sutra”, Buddha describes the mechanism of mind-constructed illusion and presents his wisdom as teaching.  To pull ourselves from the cycle of suffering and reach the other side, it is necessary to raise awareness to see things the way they are without adding any emotional narratives.  And by developing a balanced perspective to observe this world of duality as one’s sole responsibility and as one’s own creation, one can expand one’s own perspective to the degree that what one can recognize is that this entire phenomenon that one perceives as a world is a mere projection of one’s own internal self, which is the awakened state of mind.  



Western science has been catching up with the ancient wisdom and philosophy


Even in the Western world, this is not a brand-new concept.  Over the past thirty years, more and more scientists are talking about and permeating their scientific discoveries about the new way to see the world that we are living in as a virtual reality-like world created by the brain or consciousness.


For example, Anil Seth, a neuroscientist who studies consciousness, talks in a TED talk on the theme “Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality”, and the physicist Amit Goswami in the documentary drama "What's the Bleep Do We Know !?” states that, "We have been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real than the internal world. New science says what’s happening within us will create what’s happening outside of us." Also, Dr. Beau Lotto, a neuroscientist, in the television series "Brain Games.” states that “We generate perceptions of a world that is useful to see. And the useful perception does not have to correspond with what’s actually there…. Nothing that we see is in fact out there in the world.”   Dr. Stan Grof who is one of the pioneers of Transpersonal Psychology and the founder of Holotropic Breathwork writes in one of his many books  “The Holotropic Mind” that “Consciousness does not just passively reflect the objective material world; it plays an active role in creating reality itself.”



Learn the mechanism of perception and projection to start to see what we would like to see instead of what we are programmed/conditioned to see


If everything we see on the reality level is not really concrete matter and can change and shift every time we change the angle in which we perceive it, then if we learn to create shifts in our perspectives, we may be able to see the world in a way that we wish to live and experience it.


As I introduced in one of my previous blog posts, “What is Theory of an Advanced World (TAW)?”, TAW proposes a completely new view of the world. The basic idea of ​​TAW is that this world is made up of the interpretations of the five senses created by thought patterns. This world is a virtual reality that consists of multilayered structures that are repetitively projected images from one’s deep conscious mind. If you want to upgrade your brain or transform your life, TAW can be helpful.


The Theory of an Advanced World (TAW) can upgrade the brain's capacity to understand consciousness and its magnificent creation that we call “reality,”. TAW reveals the structure of this world and the mechanism of this magnificent world, including who creates it, how it emerges, and how it alters its appearance. TAW is a theory, so we need to have systematically structured neural pathways in the brain to process that information not only to make sense of it but also to recognize its value.


Since we experience our reality through the brain, a better/more evolved brain, which consists of more neural wirings that have emerged from the logical mind’s perspective, can more powerfully project and perceive favorable events and relationships in life. As a result, a better brain creates a better world where you practice your innate potential as the creator of your reality.  

Therefore, better brain, better life, better world.



What’s to come...

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