How To Cultivate Your Unique Talents and Abilities

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A success formula drawn on a blackboard: thirteen lit up light bulbs that represent ideas, plus four cog wheels that represent action or labor, equal and produce growth and gain.

Who made things happen for me?


Ever since I was a little girl growing up in Tokyo, I dreamed about living in a foreign country one day.  I have been living in America for the past thirty years, but I couldn’t even imagine that I was going to make a living as an actress in Hollywood, a published author, or teaching people around the world how to rewire the brain to be autonomous thinkers and proactive doers to produce their desired future for themselves.


Talent and Ability Are Something We Can Cultivate And Develop Within. 


Do you think you have a talent? Do you validate yourself fully using your talent and ability? If not, then would you like to find your unique talent and freely use it and live up to your potential?


Even though you recognize your ability and desire to pursue a particular profession, you feel discouraged at the same time because you might feel that you don’t have enough talent to make it into your career. Let’s think about what differentiates people who made their careers out of what they love to do from people who remain at an amateur level. The answer is the degree of aspiration, which is how much they want to do what they love to do daily.


For example, you want to become a novelist. You thought you wrote an interesting story or article and showed it to your family members or close friends. They might say something nice to you to encourage you to keep enjoying writing as a hobby. But when you show it to a professional writer, it will be a different story because the professional writer will give you objective and constructive criticism from a professional point of view without any sugar-coating.


What are you going to do after you receive harsh criticism? If you resent the professional who gave you the harsh criticism that hurt your feelings, and you use that as an excuse to quit writing altogether, then that would be the end of your desire to be a professional writer. On the other hand, some people push themselves to enhance their ability by gaining more knowledge and practicing and getting even more criticism to challenge themselves to become better and more skillful. Those who did not quit writing and eventually became professional writers after receiving severe criticisms, rejections, and bad reviews were because they wholeheartedly loved to write and never gave up their passion because repetition and consistency are the two golden keys to mastery.


The only people who can realize how much they are capable of are the ones who keep challenging themselves and moving forward toward their goals.


It is a different level of liking and amount of passion. People who change what they want to do every time they receive criticism may have a desire and an aim to receive recognition and praise from the outside world that is more important than fulfilling their own dreams.  


For example, if the reason for becoming an investor or financial trader is so that you can become rich and admired, then when you lose money, it is a hard thing to swallow, and you might even feel that your dream gets destroyed. But if you are genuinely interested in the science of finance and economy, you would be eager to research and experiment to fulfill your curiosity and gain knowledge to become an expert in a specific segment of the financial world with a unique ability that no one else has. 


Here is a quote from Elon Musk, “I think it's very important to have a feedback loop, where you're constantly thinking about what you've done and how you could be doing it better.


Tools to replace your negative thought patterns with more proactive and productive thought patterns


I offer you a free guided meditation that can encourage you to keep pursuing what you love to do even when you meet obstacles or receive harsh criticism so that one day you might be able to find your niche in your chosen field.


This guided meditation is a closed-eye experience. I usually ask you to put yourself in your body as a six-year child, but this time, if you can, please put yourself into the body of yourself as a two or three-year-old toddler. And create an image of yourself as a future self that shows up to give you an important message. If you are currently doing what you love to do and building a career out of it, you can use your current self-image. But if you haven’t reached that level yet, create an image of your future self, 10 or 20 years from now who has been living in his/her dream.


The key to using this guided meditation is to keep listening to it every night before you go to sleep for a month, then your resiliency will enhance. You are the only person who can permit yourself to have and enhance a specific talent or ability. Let’s keep on going to satisfy our curiosity and fulfill our sense of purpose. 


If you would like to download this guided meditation for free, please go to the website: and scroll down the home page until you see “FREE MEDITATION!” - Cultivate Your Natural Abilities and Talents” or click HERE 


What's more...  


If you are determined to create a shift in perspective, I offer a guided meditation bundle that can powerfully support you in rewiring your brain called the "Grow Your Success" Bundle, which you can find on the “Shop” page on my website by clicking HERE. 


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