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4 Counseling Sessions with Saemi (1x120 minutes + 2x90 minutes + 1x60 minutes)

Congratulations! You are just one step away from completely rewriting the story of your life, improving the way you live, the way you relate to yourself and others, your prosperity, manifestation and wealth 💜


In this package: 

  • The initial 2 hour counseling session
  • followed by a 90 min follow up session within three weeks
  • then one 90 minute follow up session in the second month
  • and 90 minute follow up session in the third month 

What you receive when you embark on the self-healing journey with Saemi:

  • During the first counseling session, Saemi guides her client to have their logical part of the brain, which she calls Adult Mind, reach out and connect to the emotional part of the brain, which Saemi calls Child Mind, and to create a new neural wiring between Adult Mind and Child Mind in the client's brain.
  • Clients begin to recognize the underlying reasons for their thinking habits and life patterns (repetitive emotional dramas) that create conflict in the outside world by admitting to themselves conflicts between their two parts of the brain.
  • By understanding the nature of the Child Mind and acquiring the technique to connect, comfort and console their Child Mind, the filtered lenses through which they view the world can be transformed, opening up limitless new possibilities in their lives.
  • As clients diligently practice customized brain exercises, they begin to form and strengthen new neural wiring in the Adult Mind. As a result, clients gradually take on a parenting role for their Child Mind.
  • Clients may begin to see changes in others (e.g., spouse, partner, parents, children, bosses, colleagues, friends, neighbors, pets, etc.) and become less and less reactive. With their elevated perspective, they can catch themselves when their emotions get triggered, stop themselves, and make conscious choices to be proactive doers by engaging to reinforce their conscious behavioral patterns.


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What People Are Saying:

"I began working with Saemi in January of 2020. We began working in person then transitioned to Zoom meetings. Our meeting frequency ranged from weekly to monthly, including individual sessions as well as private breathwork sessions. Saemi and I worked together for two years plus a couple months. When I think about who I was when I sat in her office in January 2020, I am filled with gratitude and excitement. Saemi brought me the greatest gift of all: oneness with myself. I'm a psychologist and have been in therapy for many years, and meeting with Saemi was meant to target something different. Saemi, as an expert fractal practitioner, immediately and compassionately identified my earliest fractals, helped me understand the concepts and patterns, and identified where those patterns were emerging in my life and provided me layers of skills to get rapid clarity so I could chart a better path forward in all aspects of my life. The deeper work, the work that unfolded over the two years of work together, was coming home to myself. Through the work with Saemi, I reunited with the child within me and through that journey I healed, recentered, and lived the new intentions I wanted for my life as a responsible, capable, nurturing presence for myself and for my loved ones. Saemi is a paradigm shift, as a person and in her work. Embarking on work with Saemi takes commitment, fortitude, and a willingness to change" your life from the inside out. The outcomes speak for themselves and I am grateful every day for my time with Saemi."

Dr. Farrah Khaleghi