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Reduce Criticisms and Complaints in Your Mind Guided Meditation

Congratulations! You are one step away from living a more confident, secure, balanced, and fulfilling life💜

This guided meditation is designed to reduce the complaints and criticisms in your mind that have prevented you from becoming a more capable adult with self-confidence.

This is the mechanism of the mind. As you criticize and complain, you are using your Child Mind, the emotional part of your brain. And somewhere in your consciousness you know that nothing will change even if you criticize and put others down. This logical assessment comes from your Adult Mind.

While you are criticizing someone or something, you are emotionally hijacked by your Child Mind and not moving in the direction of becoming more courageous to grow, or more creative to expand.

Try listening to this guided meditation for a week. You will gradually realize that you may have had a hard time feeling secure, confident, and comfortable in your own skin because your mind is filled with complaints and criticism and you do not have the ability to appreciate what you already have.