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Adult Mind Meets Child Mind Guided Meditation

Congratulations! You are just one step away from beginning a wonderful journey of connecting your Adult Mind with your Child Mind to experience and enjoy the life you truly deserve 🤎

Most of us believe that as we grow older, the brain grows and matures, but this is only partially true. The emotional part of the brain, which develops between the ages of 0 and 6 and which Saemi calls Child Mind, remains as it is unless we consciously rewire it.

If, as an adult, you feel stuck, stagnant, unable to move forward no matter how hard you try or how long you try, and you are fed up with your life, it may be because there is a disconnect between the logical part, which Saemi calls Adult Mind, and the Child Mind in the brain. If these two distinctive parts of the brain are not connected or aligned, this disharmonious relationship could cause conflicts, discords, and stagnation in both your external world and your internal world.

With this guided meditation, you can get your Adult Mind to meet and connect with your Child Mind and create a new neural pathway so that your Child Mind knows that she/he is not alone. You can begin to parent your Child Mind and let her/him know that it is possible for your Child Mind to be acknowledged, comforted and guided by your adult self so that your Adult Mind and Child Mind can begin to walk together in the same direction to experience and enjoy life the way you desire.

People who participated in a Inner Child Guided Meditation workshop are saying...

I felt a powerful energy during the meditation. I felt a strong connection with my inner child and just by reassuring her that she is loved and cared about gave me a sense that I am loved and cared about. I would definitely like to do it many more times to strengthen the connection between me and my inner child. - Michelle, Kansas