Neural Rewiring Process 

from TAW Counseling

  • During the initial counseling session I guide my client to reach out and connect to his/her Child Mind and create new neural wirings between Adult Mind and Child Mind in her/his brain.

  • Clients will start seeing the underlying reasons for their thinking habits and life patterns (repetitive emotional dramas) by acknowledging the two parts of the brain, Adult Mind and Child Mind in her/him.

  • By understanding the nature of Child Mind and gaining the technique to connect and heal Child Mind,  clients’ filtered lenses through which they view the world can be transformed, thus opening up limitless new possibilities in their lives.

  • As clients diligently practice customized brain exercises, clients start forming and reinforcing new neural wirings in Adult Mind.  As a result, clients gradually establish a parenting role for her/his Child Mind.

  • Clients can start seeing changes in others (ex. your spouse, partner, parents, children, bosses, co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc.)  by consciously observing and modifying their own thinking patterns by using the techniques learned during the sessions.